Step 1. Clean Candle

Make sure the surface of the candle is smooth & there is no wax residue on the outside of the glass. 



Make sure the bar code in the back is centred, then turn the candle around and secure in place using two other candles (or whatever works for you) so it doesn't move. 


Step 3. ALIGN & Place sticker

Peel your sticker and make sure you place it aligned with the bottom of the glass candle. I visualize an imaginary straight line at the bottom of the candle - or if you prefer, you can align to the top of the wax.

Start sticking it in the centre, then slowly move to the sides, smoothing out any bubbles with minimal pressure. If you need to make adjustments, don't worry! You can slowly peel off the sticker (without too much pressure so it doesn't stretch) and repeat the process. 


Step 4. add tag

Pre-cut 9" to 10" elastic string (I use silver) and thread it through the pre-punched card/label. Tie two knots around the neck of the candle. 


Step 5. cut string

Cut the extra string and voila! You are done!