Mind Hacks To Reach Goals!


Last month, I did something really exciting and spoke in front of 300 people about changing our mindset to slay goals!

This was no ordinary talk! All speakers only had 5 minutes and our slides changed every 15 seconds. Nerve racking AND exciting!

The best part is, I got to talk about gratitude. I thought most people would take this as 'eating your veggies'. i.e. Something you really don't want to do but you know it's good for you, so sure, why not?

To my surprise, out of all the things I said, practicing gratitude was one of the things that resonated the most with the audience. That made my heart FULL.

I also illustrated all my slides, which is something I was a little nervous about, this being a serious event and all. That said, I am in the business of being authentic, and it only felt right to share my thoughts AND drawings with everyone.

The 5 minute talk is now live here.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!