How To Become The Best Boss - When You Are Self Employed


This work has been published on the Elephant Journal. Below is an excerpt. Click to read the full piece here

This is the Freelance Life Manifesto:

In life, we do things that matter to us, and we genuinely enjoy doing them.
We prioritize time to rest and wind-down, just as we would prioritize a business meeting.
When we are sick, we take sick days. We don't push through because we know that's not being effective, or kind. 
We take days off and we go on vacation, and we do it responsibly and without guilt.
In life, we schedule our day every day, and when we take on a task, we commit to it fully. When we are done, we put it away. 
We believe in daily baths, lunch breaks with Jimmy Fallon and working with an endless supply of sparkling water.
We are fans of good music (unless we are writing) and we play it loudly. 
In life, we have all the time we need to cook healthy meals, and have clean (and folded) laundry. 
We also believe in the power of nature walks, naps and spending time with friends.
In life, we don’t work hard, we work smart. We are able to do great work with focus and passion, without burnout.
We have freedom to set our own schedule and work at our own pace. We always get the work done, but never at the expense of our well-being. That always comes first.
In life we believe in the power of gratitude and recognition. Every day we write a list of things we are grateful for, and we make sure we recognize our accomplishments, no matter how small.
In life we work without guilt or shame. We know our worth, we embrace imperfection and we learn from our mistakes.  
We are effective and successful, and part of that means taking time to do the things that fill us up, daily.
In life, we are totally certain that we deserve this. And so do you.