Jonathan Prayer Candle / Vinyl Sticker

Jonathan Prayer Candle / Vinyl Sticker

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Jonathan Van Ness Prayer Candle / Vinyl Sticker

‘You are strong, you are a Kelly Clarkson song, you’ve got this.’

I had to make this candle because Queer Eye, and Jonathan are exactly what the world needs right now. They are literally therapy.

Available as a prayer candle OR as a 4" x 6" vinyl sticker!

Part of our proceeds support female advocacy groups. Learn more about the non-profits we support here.

DISCLAIMER: This product is in no way affiliated with Queer Eye or Jonathan Van Ness (although I’d love that!). It was made as fan art purely out of my love for the show and all of the Fab 5.

This product was designed/Illustrated in our Chinatown studio in Vancouver, BC

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